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Snake Oil

Snake Oil Lore

King Pyro suffered from intense pyromania beginning early in his childhood. For the longest time, there seemed not to be a cure for his ailment. That is, until he met a young traveling salesman by the name of 0xUrkel. King Pyro was immediately struck by the salesman's empathic demeanor and agreed to sample his wares. Upon tasting the Elixer of Snakes, King Pyro was hooked immediately

From that day forward King Pyro's daily diet included one spoonful of snake oil with each meal, and he has declared himself no longer a pyromaniac. To be sure, he still sets things on fire regularly, and has no intention of putting out the burn pit which has become his kingdom's #1 tourist attraction. No, one could even say that nothing at all has changed since 0xUrkel brought Snake Oil into the kingdom. However, if you look past what is right in front of you it is impossible to miss the fact that the world is a better place due to that young Snake Oil salesman.

Yes, he did do that.


A snapshot of Snake Oil Club holders was taken on 4/14/2022. See below to verify that you are whitelisted.

Claim Your Free Cheese!

To show his appreciation to 0xUrkel, King Pyro has ordered all fromagers in his kingdom to produce extra cheese specifically for Snake Oil Club members.

If you held a Snake Oil Club NFT at the time of the snapshot, you may claim 10 Burrata, 10 Dolcelatte, or 5 Parmesan below.

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Burrata Cheese

Burrata Cheese

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Dolcelatte Cheese

Dolcelatte Cheese

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Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

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Fromagerie FAQ

What is the purpose of this project?

This project was started after the infamous NFT project BattleBoobas rugged. I wanted to work on my solidity skills, and decided to utilize the now worthless remnants of the "BoobaVerse". I created cfactory.quest which allowed people to deposit $MILK and NFTs in exchange for new, less offensive NFTs and the promise of a future airdropped token (if I got around to it).

As more people deposited their unwanted $MILK and NFTs, I decided it was a good opportunity to further my learning and reinforce some of the skills I had learned. This phase two of the Cheesyverse has ERC20 and ERC721 minting, staking, and burning mechanisms that can be found at fromage.cfactory.quest.

How do I get Cheese Cows?

Cheese Cows can only be obtained by burning BattleBooba or BattleBooty NFTs. You can do this at cfactory.quest

How do I get Rat-Catching Cats?

Rat-Catching Cats can only be obtained by burning BattlePussy NFTs. You can do this at cfactory.quest

Will this make me rich/recover my losses from BattleBoobas?

This is very unlikely. I know some of you lost a lot. As stated above, this project is mostly for fun. I truly hope that it becomes more than that and that you can recover some losses, but you shouldn't expect that.

What is this nonsense??

Read the docs.

Can I help?

Maybe? What are you good at? Hit me up on Discord or Twitter @xrpant.